Why Might A Company Decide to Consolidate Or Relocate A Data Center?

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Have you been thinking of making a change to your organization’s IT footprint recently or considering a migration but thought it too difficult a task? In the past, many companies consolidated data centers which had been acquired through mergers and acquisitions or through geographic expansion. As technology evolved, trends such as virtualization and cloud computing have matured and have become part of day to day business practices. Companies are continually looking to optimize their IT footprints in order to simplify management and ensure fast and efficient scalability.

Keep in mind that every consolidation and relocation project will come with other highly important sub-projects such as Data Destruction or Asset Recovery. How does your company plan to dispose of old hardware, hard drives and other media while conforming to all global, federal, state and local laws and regulations? Does your old hardware have potential resell value that could offset the cost of your project? What kind of smart hands support does your environment need once relocated? Compu Dynamics has the experienced staff that can assist your organization in solving these issues while maximizing your time and minimizing your budget.

Whether you are looking to right size your environment because of virtualization, are in the middle of a Digital Transformation, or simply need to move a site because your existing contract has lapsed, Compu Dynamics can create a tailored experience to meet your organization’s needs. From one small server room to multiple globally dispersed facilities, our team will be there from planning stages through successful completion. Our fully transparent and documented methodology is based on industry best practices and our experienced project managers and technical staff will support you from start to finish.

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