Tranforming Telephone Closets into Modern Network Centers

In most buildings constructed before the turn of the century, tenants are fighting a losing battle trying to adapt legacy analog telephone closets to serve today’s internet-enabled digital network equipment.  In the old days (1990’s), phone closets needed little-to-no ventilation, only a few inches of depth, and perhaps one electrical outlet.  Modern network centers (I call them network “centers” because they are essentially small data centers) occupy a completely different form factor, require clean and reliable power, and often need supplemental cooling.

An easy solution to the power reliability challenge has often been the distribution of dozens, if not hundreds, of 750 VA – 5,000 VA uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems throughout every closet in every building. That approach effectively solves one problem while replacing it with another.  We now have millions of small UPS’s in service within both commercial and government buildings, and the total number is still growing.  With power demands escalating each year, this solution is truly unsustainable over the long run.

The need for additional power capacity, ventilation, monitoring capability and ongoing support is one of the most common dilemmas facing both IT and facilities professionals.  On the bright side, there are solutions available that enable building tenants to embrace new network system without running into the same old environmental challenges.  For example, micro data centers combine rack space, clean power and cooling/ventilation.  You can now acquire an environment for your critical network equipment that has been designed specifically for today’s technologies.

Compu Dynamics specializes in the design of modern power systems to efficiently deliver reliable electricity in a distributed fashion wherever it is needed. We understand how to remove the unwanted heat, and even how to retrofit physical building spaces when needed to create secure, conditioned environments for IT and network hardware.  If desired, we can recommend a micro data center that can bypass the network closet all together.

Once our solutions are implemented, we specialize in monitoring, managing and maintaining both the network infrastructure and the power/cooling systems. This allows our customers to focus on their core business while remaining connected to their data and applications 24/7.

If we can help transform your network closets to better suit your IT needs, please contact us to set up an appointment.

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